Samurai warrior in IT and Startup whirlpools from the Russian ocean. Known as lalabuy948

Originally from Saint-Petersburg, used to live in Slovenia, currently living in Luxembourg. I’m IT specialist with passion for scalable, distributed and high-loaded systems. In love with greek sculps, antique architecture and digital worlds.

Currently helping other companies and individuals to find balance between business and engineering. Technical stacks, technical debts, processes optimization and establishing, migration strategies and more.

In the past I used to work as IT manager, research agent, full-stack engineer, technical team lead, project manager and business runner. I worked on quite a few IT projects with primary focus on business logic, architecture, system scaling, data flows and data storages.

I don’t have preferred technology, In my opinion you have to choose language or specific technology based on your problem. Do it best or don’t do it at all. Don’t forget to procrastinate well.

If you find typo/mistake in my posts please write to me directly about it, I’m not a native speaker and would appreciate such a gesture from you.

Projects / companies I contribute to


BBB - Basic Building Blocks



GH Kolinska