As you probably saw my founding of two nice libraries that allow you beauty and easy abstraction on dot and just environment variables. You can check it there

After some time I decided to create another open-source library for the world and I merged the functionality of packages which you can find in the article above. I started from scratch and you are more than welcome to have look on it on my GitHub ->

I wanted to have control of the dependency which I use in quite a few personal projects. Adding features when I need them and share a piece of mine with others, which makes me super happy and feel useful for the golang community. In the first week, GitHub insights were showing that I had over 1k downloads.


As simple as possible. The main feature is loading dot environment file by priority and if exists. Dumping your environment variables into a typed structure. And this is it.

Github Actions

I would like to mention Github Actions here as well. If you didn’t use it I recommend you to try it! It’s simple cozy and fast. For such a small library that I’ve done I automated laterally everything with a small YAML file. Which contains: linter, tests and hash sum update for

Btw I’m really proud of my bash skill to do the last thing in one line 😂

curl"$(git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)"

Gopher on the cover by ashleymcnamara 💙