Due to quarantine, I had to set up my first home office. I never had anything at home except a laptop, because I can work anywhere, like in the office, cafe, park but not at ducking home. I have no idea how people can concentrate and don’t open the fridge every five minutes… So, I had to suffer… And I decided to adapt my small cabinet to trick my brain that I’m sitting in the office. I got a monitor, mouse, and vertical laptop holder to save someplace. Keyboard right? That’s how I found r/mk… I got hooked into that within my head.


After I started playing with all kinds of mechanical keyboards I wanted to contribute and create small typing applications with real-world examples. Such as quotes? I didn’t find anything smarter due to my imagination. Plus I wanted to focus on one dot and type as fast as possible to train your fingers. That’s why delete functionality is missing.


Of course, this is an open-source project, mono repo with simple backend which loads quotes into memory and serves random one on API call. Fronted is react, nothing special. And infra folder with webhook handler and Nginx config. You are more than welcome to open PR or publish an issue :)