How to use Hashicorp Vault as dot environment manager?

I decided to share this because I was looking for small, simple and easy to use tool where I would store dotenv secrets for my apps. And I found this nice and elegant solution which will allow you to control your application secrets with small bash script. 🙂

Pre Requirements

  • Installed vault
  • Finish setup instructions

You can find nicely described steps here: Getting started

#1 Let’s add KV engine

Create KV secret engine

In my case I will name it service. After you added your Key Value engine, you should see something like this:

Added KV secret engine

#2 Add secrets (json files)

In my case I created development, staging and production. This files will store actual key value pairs, which in our case dot environment pairs.

Create new secret engine

#3 Add key value pairs

Fill your secrets (json files) with your secrets.

db_host localhost for example

Create new secret engine

#4 Pull key value

First of all you need token. In the right corner you will see profile icon and copy token button when you toggle the first one.

Create new secret engine

In my project I added this make file:

# Makefile

export CFLAGS

	@./bin/ development

	@./bin/ staging

	@./bin/ production

And in bin folder I have file:


secretsJSON=$(curl --request GET \
  --url https://VAULT.YOURDOMAIN.COM/v1/service/"$1" \
  --header "x-vault-token: ${VAULT_TOKEN}")

# shellcheck disable=SC2217
jq -r '.data | keys[] as $k | "\($k)=\"\(.[$k])\""' <<< "${secretsJSON}" | tr -d '"' > .env

Do not forget to export your copied token! export VAULT_TOKEN=<TOKEN_GOES_HERE>

Not sure if it useful to anyone, but i decided to share it here. Picture from