Most of my friends and colleagues are asking where Iā€™m rushing, why I want to get promotions as fast as possible. Being a director in your twenties, when you suppose to drink, do stupid stuff and spend time with friends. I work effectively more than 12 hours every day, on my pet projects, main job and other side quests.

Here is one important thing you need to accept and understand. Our brain has been representing a lot of important data wrongly since the beginning due to established patterns, especially the ones that are much easier to recognize. I will provide you with a few examples that were eye-opening for me.

When you hit 25 years old, it’s not a quarter of your life, it’s actually more than 30% based on the average life length. When you hit 35 years old, it’s almost half of your life, a freaking half!

  • Europe 82 years
  • Asia 77 years
  • America 74 years

When you work 9-5, you don’t have two-thirds (2/3) of the day free for other activities. You spend more than half of your effective daytime on someone else’s success and wealth: eight hours of sleep, one hour for personal hygiene and consuming food, commute time, grocery shopping, and other activities. Each time you decide to go out with your friends and have a glass of red or white, you sacrifice your effective time.

Another example is your vacations. If you have a full-time job with two weeks of vacation per year, you only have less than 10% of your year free for leisure activities. This means that even if you make the most of your vacation time by traveling and exploring new places, you still spend 90% of your time working and making someone else rich, especially when they cut your vacation days due to the fact you could not take them in calendar year since Im responsible executor, but in the end I left with even less than initial 10%.

If you do your first kid at the age of 35, by time your kid will become grown up you will be 70%+ done! Eliminate last 15% of your life, because you will become one union with your couch. You have 10% of your life to spend with your full age kid.

Understand value of your time. Realize how much time you actually have.

End Procrastination

If you want to eliminate procrastination install this app Progress Bar

ProgressBar screenshot

Each time when you will think to spend your spare time on useless time waste like youtube, tiktok or other mind bluring things, this progress bar will remind how much left. Create external sources of income, spend time on creating them rather spending what left after salary taxes on drinks and fun. Spend time with your family, not your colleagues.

Since ProgressBar was not updated to M1 processors I switched to: Day Progress

Day Progress screenshot


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