I needed a way to test mail confirmation. When you are dealing with deb authentication you would like to be sure that this email exist. And usually I use is_email_confirmed column next to user credentials in the database table. Once user hits siging endpoint as last step I send an email with confirmation token.

I was looking on few popular tools across the Internet:

What I found

My requirements were: run in docker, easy to config, basic functionality to render email. All things above quite heavy apps with complex configuration. After that I found found nice and lightweight way how to test it locally.

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    image: mailhog/mailhog
    container_name: mailhog
    restart: always
      - '8025:8025'
      - '1025:1025'

I did the small package in my project and now I can use it around my services to send emails and catch them in mailhog!

About golang smtp you can checkout here

package main

import (

func main() {
    // Connect to the remote SMTP server.
	c, err := smtp.Dial("localhost:1025")
	if err != nil {
	defer c.Close()
	// Set the sender and recipient.
	c.Mail("[email protected]")
	c.Rcpt("[email protected]")
	// Send the email body.
	wc, err := c.Data()
	if err != nil {
	defer wc.Close()
	buf := bytes.NewBufferString("This is the email body.")
	if _, err = buf.WriteTo(wc); err != nil {

I would recommend setting this up via env, check my post about it.

Not sure if it will be useful to anyone, but i decided to share it.

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