Redis Cluster in Docker Compose

x: Why would you do this?

y: Because one not enough?

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Testing Mailer in Go

Forewords I needed a way to test mail confirmation. When you are dealing with deb authentication you would like to be sure that this email exist. And usually I use is_email_confirmed column next to user credentials in the database table. Once user hits siging endpoint as last step I send an email with confirmation token. I was looking on few popular tools across the Internet: What I found My requirements were: run in docker, easy to config, basic functionality to render email.
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Flexible Env in Go

Forewords I was doing hobby project, nothing special, server with authentication few endpoints and connection to database. I wrapped this project in docker to distribute project to another developer, he wanted to help with fronted but not that fluent at the backend part. Then I realized that my friend does not want to struggle with database setup and so on. So, solution was straight forward - docker-compose. Problem I prefer using .
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