General guidelines

✅ As the best practice we use the most affordable and efficient type of transportation and stays. The price of the stay and travel must be free or the provider has to pay our company for promoting them on tiktok. For those employees who didn’t reach 5 mln. subscribers and not able to get a bargain with the provider, the price of the stay and transportation must be covered by the employee. 

Hotels and accommodations

🏨 If the business travel destination is in a range more than 850km from our headquarters, employees must find an affordable hostel or use couch-surfing services. If the hostel is shared with more than 3 people in the room, employees must negotiate with them to share some food to optimise per diem costs. 

Travel arrangements

🚙 If the business travel destination is in the range of 850km from where your distant relatives, friends or any acquaintance live, the employee must negotiate the stay with them and use the safe type of travel - hitch-hiking from the negotiated place of staying. 

🦺 Since we always care about the safety of our employees, for hitch-hiking every business traveler will get a reflective vest. Which must be returned by the end of business travel. If it has traces of dirt, the employee must give it and pay for dry cleaning at their own expense before returning. 


🤑 Per diems are included as a part of our gold and platinum business travelers program of the company. To become such you must bring food, chocolates and other snacks to the company kitchen on the first and second floors from the business trips, based on the optimised percent of the office costs you will receive golden - 15% or 25% for the platinum status of the business traveler. 

🍕Since our company strive for a better environment and against over-consumption, a business traveler must go to the big supermarkets just before closing and ask at the back entrance for the food which they were not able to sell during the day and about to through to the trash. In case of successful begging per diems are not being paid, since per diems are able to cover food allowance only. 

Photo from Bianca Gasparoto