Look dear readers, I’m not even suppose to write such an articles, since I’m an inspiring manager and have to motivate people becoming better and so on. I not going to lie right, manager in IT department has nothing to do with people motivation or being a great example for productivity. I play games and fuck it, I like it.

I used to fly quite a lot and still do and I was constantly looking for on-the-go solutions. For a while I was happy with iPad, but all the games there mostly arcade with zero story. Then I invested in Asus Rog Flow Z13, i9 and 3050ti on-the-fly sounds good right? Yeah, 1h of play for extra 3kilos on my back. This is so niche product that I’m still trying to sell it for half price.

Then I checked this steamdeck thingy and I thought it has capacity to run simple arcade games or pixel stuff. But after couple of reviews I realised it can do much more. So, as CTO I needed to find the way how to get this 500€, I remembered nice trick from the school when you skip lunch and money remain with you, so after skipping 2 lunches I had needed 500€ saved and order Gabe machine. After waiting for almost 3 month due to reservations system it arrived.

I would never thought that I will be able to play AAA games on handheld device. It can run Doom, Elden Ring any top game from last years. Once you get sick of small screen you connect it to your TV and whoalya, it works. You can tweak the battery to get up to 3-4h of gameplay, but if you have power bank you can multiply those 3-4h.

To conclude, if you have steam library, you travel, you don’t care about 340fps and 8k resolution just buy it, it cost nothing to compare with any “portable” gaming laptop. Enjoy 😉

Picture by @alex_andrews