I used to flight quite a lot in the past, due to last year it stopped for a while, but now I’m back in-game. A lot of my colleagues and acquaintances complaining about business trips and how it’s hard to flight every second week. To be honest I disagree with the statement that flights are exhausting. I would like to share my way of doing it and what I take with me on every business trip to flight with pleasure. This is my list of tips and tricks based on my personal experience and observations, let me know in the comments below if you discover something interesting for yourself or have anything to add.

Lifestyle and mindset

First of all, have a look at your clothes, are you able to fly like that? What I’m currently wearing perfectly works for me on the airplane.

Might sound ridiculous, but it’s about mindset. I usually wear comfy sneakers, jeans, a stretchy shirt and a travel jacket. All my colleagues joking that I’m always in a jacket, that’s why:

Once you are on passport control you can utilise jacket as extra pockets for your passport If you are on airport check you can utilise extra pockets to put there your watches, wallet and other small stuff Once you come to the gate, put headphones and other needed stuff on the plane into your “extra” pockets From time to time it’s quite cold on the plane, now you have a blanket on you 😬

Why are these points important? Everyone hates to stay in that lines, so, be quick :) And let others pass faster and take a comfy chair next to the gate. That’s how I think when doing such stuff.

Your backpack

That’s probably the most important attribute of yours. You must find a proper, durable and useful backpack. Don’t try to be cheap, invest in it, a good backpack will save you a lot of nerves.

Keep in mind, that size should easily fit on the airplane hand luggage shelf.


In my case, it should fit:

  • laptop
  • iPad
  • All my chargers and other cables
  • 3-4 days of clothes
  • Documents and papers
  • Clothes
  • Personal things like toothbrush and etc
  • Keys and other small stuff

Start using organizers! For cables, bathroom supplies and etc.

Utilise the space of your backpack or case as much as possible!

Once you come to the gate, prepare all your needed stuff and put it on top of your backpack for the same reasons as wearing the jacket for extra pockets 🙈 After all controls and lanes you just wanna sit on the plane put headphones on and go. Do things quickly without stopping anyone.


Once your mindset is prepared and you have your lightweight backpack with you, you almost ready to enjoy your next flight.

Always have some films and books with you, it will help you to spend time on the plain and if any delays happen.

Install all needed applications before you arrive to the destination country, such as taxi or public transport applications.

Try to do online checkin and add your boarding pass to wallet and print it out, better go with redundancy than spend time on checkin if your phone dies.

Useful Apps

App in the air


80 days

Photo by Ahmed Muntasir from Pexels